Larson Electronics LLC Releases 45 KVA Power Distribution System with Voltage Selector Switch

Larson Electronics LLC, a leading industrial lighting company, released a power distribution substation that converts 480V AC three-phase current into three-phase 208Y/120V AC and features a rotary switch allowing step-down voltage selection. This portable power distribution system makes it safe and easy to tap into 480V AC power and distribute it to a variety of electrical equipment indoors and outdoors where grid power is unavailable.

The MPD-MVSS-45KVA-2X30-2X60-2X100 is a mobile temporary power distribution substation with a voltage selector switch, that allows operators to power their equipment on converted 480V AC power. This portable power distribution system features a set switch, which allows operators to select a preferred step-down voltage (415V, 380V, 230V or 208V) for receptacles on the system. On the primary side, operators connect 480V line-in power via a customer provided cord, and on the secondary side, operators connect to six 277/480V pin/sleeve receptacles to power equipment that is compatible with the selected step-down voltage from the set switch.

“The MPD-MVSS-45KVA-2X30-2X60-2X100 provides operators with dependable voltage options to power equipment when grid power is unavailable or unreliable,” said Rob Bresnahan, CEO of Larson Electronics LLC. “The 3-pole rotary switch makes it simple to choose between 415V, 380V, 230V or 208V, making this transformer extremely versatile.”

Larson Electronics