Round Ceiling Troffers

Lighting specifiers who are looking for a fresh take on sealed hospital lighting now have a new option from Kenall: round MedMaster™ MCRT healthcare troffers. MedMaster MCRT 24” luminaires allow designers to integrate more dramatic shapes and maintain design consistency throughout a facility, while also meeting stringent performance standards for cleaning and infection prevention.

The MedMaster MCRT series is the only round troffer on the market to feature Kenall’s safe and continuous Indigo-Clean Visible Light Disinfection option, allowing hospitals, clinics and ambulatory surgical centers to add an extra layer of protection against a range of pathogens, including MRSA, C. diff, SARS-CoV2, and Influenza A. Other luminaire options include a low-voltage controller and a white or amber night light for patient room applications.

Bill Blackley, Kenall’s senior director of marketing, stressed that the MCRT is designed to provide high-quality, sealed performance, aesthetics and uniformity: “It features a full, backlit LED array and a high-diffusion lens to keep the lighting levels appropriate for caregiver tasks, while also preventing glare and remaining comfortable for patients and visitors.”