Lounge Chair Bases

Stance Healthcare, a furniture designer and manufacturer specializing in general healthcare and Behavioral Health settings, has announced two new bases – wood and swivel star – now available for the lounge series, Valet. The series offers soft design lines that invite patients and visitors to sit in comfort. First released in 2021, the collection creates a space of respite in any healthcare environment. The recent addition of the two new base options expands the already-versatile collection’s flexibility to suit different applications, including smaller medical offices and other boutique settings.

The new wood base adds a sense of warmth in addition to reliable durability and a classically modern look from the ground up. This base is offered in an array of finishes to fit any fabric option – including Stance’s newest finish colors, Aria, White Chocolate, Dolce Vita, and Palomino.

The swivel star base (pictured) allows for more range of movement without sacrificing strength and stability. Offered in a polished aluminum finish, this versatile new base design can be customized with a variety of fabrics that leave plenty of room for custom design possibilities — from the simple and understated to the curated fabric collection developed in collaboration with CF Stinson.

The Valet series is offered in two separate categories, with one product group ideal for general healthcare environments and a second designed specifically for Behavioral Health. The general healthcare collection offers eight lounge chairs, with options including high-back and swivel bases, as well as a wider option to accommodate two users. Valet for Behavioral Health includes two lounge chairs offered in a BH-grade, highly durable base.

Stance Healthcare