Stair Tread Epoxy

To prevent slips and falls and improve safety on high traffic industrial stairs, Form-A-Tread Company offers a new category of durable high-tech epoxy paste called Form-A-Tread to ensure superior stair tread footing and visibility for years without re-application, instead of short-lived, high-maintenance tapes or coatings.

The durable epoxy paste consists of 100% solids that, once applied, can last for years in high traffic areas. The patented product provides an extremely strong bond to a range of stair tread surfaces, with embedded aggregate to increase traction. It can be used indoors/outdoors and exposed to chemicals, weather, and temperature extremes.

The high strength epoxy paste is designed for easy application to stair treads by even untrained personnel. Form-A-Tread’s kit includes a 400 ml cartridge of material that can produce 25 to 40 linear feet of one-inch-wide tread depending on the surface type.