Efficient Door System

The Horton Industrial Series RapidSlide® Door System combines an advanced heavy-duty slide drive system with Thermacore® Insulated Panels for smooth access and improved temperature control in high-traffic areas.

Lightweight Thermacore panels feature a metal/foam/metal sandwich design for maximum energy efficiency and rugged durability. The Thermacore panels can be specified with thermal efficiency R-values of 9.3, 12.8 or 17.5 in a variety of finishes, with or without vision lites.

The RapidSlide Door System’s unique full or partial door opening gives you the passageway size you need when you need it. For energy efficiency and speed, the Thermacore panels open only partially for pedestrian traffic to minimize temperature fluctuations and slide to the full-open position for larger, vehicular traffic.

The fast-acting RapidSlide opens in seconds, lessening the chance of vehicular impact. And unlike roll-up doors, the RapidSlide door system will never make you wait for a height clearance.