Dynamic Frisco Facility Bridges Healthcare and Education in Texas

By HCO Staff

FRISCO, Texas—Parker Performance Institute, designed by the Dallas studio of Perkins&Will and located in The Star in Frisco, is a first-of-its-kind sports and rehabilitation clinic. The students, specialized clinicians, and chiropractic professionals at Parker Performance apply neuroscience to physical rehabilitation. For a clinic that delivers high-tech, cutting-edge treatment, designers braided the electric atmosphere of a training gym and the healing clarity of a spa.

Balancing the dual athletic and healing user experiences in the clinic, Parker Performance is organized into two zones, each with its own character. Echoing mind and body, the zones are distinct but not disjointed. Some highlights of the space include:

An Open Performance Zone – First, visitors enter the open, high-energy performance zone. It embodies athleticism and vigor with dark metal accents, turf, digital displays, and a sense of expansiveness despite the relatively small, elongated existing space. Designers leveraged mirrors, exposed structural components, and natural light to animate this half of the interior, also emphasizing the cutting-edge technology.

Intuitive Navigation – A continuous light runs above the core circulation path, which is defined by a detailed feature wall. This marks the transition from communal, highly visible training area to the zone of private care. A pattern of wood slats along the wall—also incorporating metal mesh and steel trim—creates a warm material rhythm that guides you through the full length of the space and highlights custom detailing. Branching off the main path are clean, bright pods of exam rooms with neurological and visual equipment used for light therapy, vertigo treatment, and PTSD patients.

Innovative Technology – Parker Performance is an innovative space with advanced tools not commonly available in clinics, from dynamic posturography and virtual reality to 3D diagnostics. The design balances this tech-forward environment with human touches, not losing sight of the emotional side of performance and recovery.

Designed with Light – Light is strategically layered throughout to ground the experience and transform the ambiance as you walk through the space. Tall windows pull sun into the open athletic zone while translucent materials deeper into the space create privacy without losing the glow of daylight. In the interior healing and massage rooms, bright tones and indirect, color-changing circadian lighting—customizable for patients—offer a soothing retreat.

Parker Performance Institute is a human-centric, high-end experience of healthcare that supports peak performance in body and mind.

Project Start Date: September 2021
Project’s Completion Date: July 2023
General contractor/construction manager: Skiles Group
Square Footage: 9,200 square feet