Cross-Functional Safety Glove

Brass Knuckle® SmartShell™ is the next-generation, cross-functional glove that does it all. It’s loaded with features that are engineered to provide protection on multiple fronts, all with excellent flexibility and top-rated ergonomic design.

The formula for SmartShell BKCR4499 gloves starts with a machine knit, ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) with ANSI cut level A5 protection on the palms. Its strength-to-weight ratio is 8 to 15 times higher than steel. Next, thermoplastic rubber (TPR) padding is sonically welded to the back of the glove for protection from contusions, smash injuries, object strikes, pinch-point injuries to the tips of each finger, and other impact hazards.

SmartShell was engineered to excel in a variety of industries where impact protection, cut protection, and a perfect fit are all priorities. It is ideal for assembly, agriculture, construction, forestry and logging, heavy equipment, machine operation, manufacturing, oil and gas and other petrol-based refining, mining, rigging, and other heavy-duty work environments.

Brass Knuckle Protection