Healthcare Product Distributor HOSPECO Acquires Nilodor

By Eric Althoff

CLEVELAND — HOSPECO, the Cleveland-based corporation that prides itself on being a leader in the personal care “away from home” market, has acquired Nilodor, the odor-control company founded in 1955, and also based in Ohio.  The acquisition by HOSPECO, the company’s third major recent addition, will be a part of the umbrella group HOSPECO Brands Group.

HOSPECO, which already is a leader in healthcare and hospitality products such as wiping cloths, gloves and sorbents, will now also have a cleaning product line under its belt with the acquisition of Nilodor, whose odor-ameliorating output includes Bio-Enzymatic Urine Digester.

“I believe Nilodor is the perfect fit for HOSPECO,” said Les Mitson, owner and president of Nilodor for three decades.  “The combination of HOSPECO’s path to market with our

chemical manufacturing capabilities offers economies of scale and additional opportunities to the customers we now share.”

HOSPECO has announced that they will maintain the Nilodor line of products and its chemists who work to remedy application-specific odor control problems; these proprietary products will continue to be provided to the public via HOSPECO’s distribution channels. 

Mitson will remain in an advisory capacity as Nilodor continues manufacturing its line of products in Bolivar, Ohio.  Kurt Peterson, Nilodor’s current vice president of sales and marketing, will lead the Nilodor efforts under HOSPECO.

“During my time at Nilodor, we had a simple mission: to keep our customers satisfied,” Mitson said.  “Our reputation for excellence is heartening because it gives proof that we achieved this goal. 

“As we transition under the HOSPECO brand, and under the leadership of Kurt and his Nilodor team, I know our customers will be similarly nurtured and experience even greater value.”

“Total commitment to customers is, as always, our top priority,” added Peterson.  “Every Nilodor customer will have access to the same quality products and support that have defined our success in the marketplace.

“As part of HOSPECO, we will be able to offer additional lines, a dramatically expanded sales force, and a more cost-effective shipping bundle.”