Universal Pendant Control

Engineered for operator comfort, the new CM Rocket universal pendant control from Columbus McKinnon Corporation, a designer, manufacturer and marketer of material-handling products, systems and services, delivers precision control and accuracy. Compared to competitors’ traditional straight‐grip and push‐button configurations, the CM Rocket pendant control’s unique rocker switch and comfort‐fit design give operators ultimate load control while reducing hand strain and fatigue. This allows for safer and more efficient operation of hoists and industrial equipment with momentary operation. The wide shape of the rocker switch, along with its rugged, no‐slip directional indicators, allows for easy operation with or without gloves. The CM Rocket’s curved, well‐balanced shape fits comfortably in the palm of your hand, requiring minimal wrist flexion for operation. And, the ribbed grip helps ensure the operator maintains a secure and comfortable hold in all environments. The CM Rocket pendant control is available as an option on some of Columbus McKinnon’s most popular hoists, including the new CM ShopStar VS variable speed electric chain hoist. The Rocket is also available as an after‐market product that can be used for momentary operation of numerous types of industrial equipment, including conveyors, lift elevators, mill drives, actuators and winches.

Columbus McKinnon Corporation