Construction Begins on Washington Project After Delays

TACOMA, Wash. — Construction of a new $26 million health center — delayed for months — began in Tacoma, Wash. The 54,000-square-foot project, financed by tax credits, private donors, the state, the city of Tacoma and several non-profit corporations, replaces a small community health care clinic that has served the Hilltop and near-downtown-Tacoma areas for three decades.

The three-story brick facility will serve more than 17,000 patients annually and include medical and dental clinics, urgent care, radiology, pediatrics, internal medicine and obstetrics.

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Green Radiology Center Planned in Seattle

SEATTLE — The Seattle-based Swedish Cancer Institute has a plan to restore community-based radiotherapy cancer treatment in the Seattle area by applying modern building technology that is swift — and green.
The patented factory fabricated radiotherapy treatment vault and clinic by RAD Technology Medical Systems will allow SCI to cut traditional building schedules by 50 percent while constructing a facility in accordance with the U.S.

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Survey Indicates Wash. Green Jobs Are on the Rise

OLYMPIA, Wash. – A survey produced by the state’s Employment Security Department identified 99,319 green jobs in Washington in 2009, about 3.3 percent of the state’s work force.
The survey, released in March, suggests green jobs grew by 33 percent, or 15,100 positions, for companies that were surveyed in 2008 and again in 2009.
“If Washington can see this kind of shift to green jobs during a recession, just think what will happen as our economy recovers,” says Gov. Chris Gregoire.

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