Green Radiology Center Planned in Seattle

SEATTLE — The Seattle-based Swedish Cancer Institute has a plan to restore community-based radiotherapy cancer treatment in the Seattle area by applying modern building technology that is swift — and green.
The patented factory fabricated radiotherapy treatment vault and clinic by RAD Technology Medical Systems will allow SCI to cut traditional building schedules by 50 percent while constructing a facility in accordance with the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED certification.
Once finished, the 4,000- square foot Swedish Cancer Institute Radiation Treatment Center on the Ballard campus will house the first TomoTherapy Hi-Art Radiation Treatment System in the Seattle metropolitan area along with patient and clinical staff accommodations.
“Hospital facilities are perhaps one of the most difficult types of structures to make compliant with LEED criteria,” says RAD President John J Lefkus III. “Maintaining health and equipment environmental standards can be in conflict with renewable and lean strategies. RAD has unique construction techniques that benefit projects thru the extensive use of renewable construction materials and employs energy efficient mechanical systems."
The new facility at Swedish/Ballard is currently erected with most work expected complete by the end of the year and is scheduled to treat its first patient at the end of January 2011.

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