New Analysis Forecasts ICU Bed Shortage State-by-State

By HCO Staff

CONSHOHOCKEN, Pa.—As the U.S. navigates the challenges of COVID-19, bed capacity has been one of the key concerns for healthcare facilities and administrators. Obstacles to meeting potential growing demand are significant, but vary greatly by state. With that issue in mind, Array Advisors has developed a model that analyzes the combined impact of:

• Current cases in each state (as they increase)
• Risk factors such as age and existing conditions
• The state’s existing capacity of ICU and Med/Surg beds

The just-published findings in HealthLeaders are provocative. According to the results, Washington state will likely run out of ICU beds in the next two weeks, while less-populated states such as Vermont (with far fewer existing beds and an older population) still fall squarely in the first tier of risk, just two weeks behind.

Other results indicated that Missouri is lowest on the immediate risk scale, expected to not hit capacity until May 7. April 13 to 23 is projected as a challenging period, as 20 states are forecast to hit maximum ICU capacity during that time.

With a focus on healthcare facility design, consulting and technology, Array offers knowledge-based, data-informed services, including planning, architecture, interior design, transformation and asset advisory services.

Click here for more details and a heat map of the projected ICU Bed Model created by Array Advisors.