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Mannington Commercial is introducing newly reimagined LVT designs and colorways from its Divergent Collection. Featuring nature-centric visuals and a calming color palette, the collection is designed to support wellbeing and provide enhanced performance for healthcare, retail and workplace environments. The Divergent Collection springs forth from the idea that inspiration for wellness can be found in one’s own backyard. With this concept in mind, members from the Mannington Commercial Design Studio spent hours in quiet observation, walking the meadows outside one of Mannington’s corporate manufacturing facilities in Salem, N.J.

This exploration led the team to take a closer, more critical look at nature. They noticed, for example, that common grasses they encountered had beautiful patterning at the molecular level. As a result, the Divergent Collection was born —uniting root-level observations of the natural world with soft linear patterns, subtle gradations and a relevant color story. The newly reimagined LVT visuals and colorways for the Divergent Collection include:

Wade (pictured) is a new pattern, featuring tonal color gradients in 6” x 36” planks. Washes of color lap against one another from plank to plank once installed, creating a soft and unique floor design.

Estuary offers a color gradient along the length of each 18” x 36” tile, providing calming yet dynamic waves of color.

Fen is a rich crosshatch that gives a comforting texture to spaces in 18” x 18” tiles.

Strand creates a striated design with a gentle sense of direction in 18” x 18” tiles.

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