Healthcare Architect Schmidt Merges with Arrasmith

By Eric Althoff

INDIANAPOLIS—Architecture and engineering firm Schmidt Associates has merged the work and staff of healthcare firm Arrasmith of Louisville, Ky., into its operations in Indiana’s capital city. In an announcement, the two companies said joining forces made sense for their ongoing work in the healthcare sector in a joint venture dubbed “Healthcare Studio.”

The merger will allow for full-service architecture and engineering throughout the Hoosier State.

Schmidt opened in 1976, and has been at its location in downtown Indianapolis since 1980, where it has worked on various projects to revitalize the central business district.

Arrasmith was founded in Louisville—just over 100 miles away from Indianapolis—in 1926, and has subsequently worked on projects in 28 states and in several foreign countries. Its previous healthcare-related work in hospitals, medical research facilities and university labs made it an attractive partner for Schmidt.

“We’re thrilled to welcome the Arrasmith team into the Schmidt Associates family,” said Sarah Hempstead, principal and CEO of Schmidt Associates. “With this integration comes tremendous opportunity for growth and new pursuits that will benefit our clients and the communities in which we build.”

The combined firm will collectively employ 110 employees specializing in architecture, engineering, interior design, construction administration and administrative. An informational release on Schmidt’s website said that the merger will “create an enhanced level of expertise, capacity, and service across a larger geographic area.”

Rather than merge office space, however, the respective offices in Louisville and Indianapolis will remain where they are.

John Robertson, a partner at Arrasmith, said in a statement that his firm and Schmidt “each bring a rich history of design excellence to the table, allowing us to provide our clients with an even greater level of insight.” He added: “Our skills, cultures, and portfolios complement each other very well.”

The combined firm now totals approximately 110 employees across architecture, engineering, interior design, construction administration, and administrative functions.