Partition System Enhancement

Beyond® pavilion, a new enhancement within Allsteel Inc.’s Beyond full-solution demountable partition system, features a rich set of materials and configurations that helps users reclaim unused vertical real estate in the open plan, creating environments from solo to collaborative, while supporting technology and power routing. The system supports marker boards, tackable materials, and space delineation. It also enables the implementation of audio/visual technologies and brings power to where individual users or teams need it.

The portfolio provides a kit-of-parts that allows designers to create zoned settings that can be added or changed within a space without intense capital expenditure. All panels feature unitized construction and power-tool-driven leveling mechanisms that deliver ultimate flexibility, speed of installation, and efficient reconfiguration. Beyond’s full-solution demountable partition system addresses a broad variety of user needs and preferences with frameless glass, framed glass, and solid panel options. This expansive offering of materials delivers tailored solutions to the modern workplace.





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