Jennie Evans

Jennie Evans, vice president and operations specialist with HKS Inc., was elected Nursing Institute for Healthcare Design president for 2013 to 2014. In her new position, Evans will be responsible for carrying out the association’s goals, objectives, policies and programs developed by the membership and the Board of Directors, where she also serves as chairperson. Integrating her 25 years of health care experience into the design process, Evans promotes operational and clinically efficient environments. Her experience in health care design includes pediatric and adult environments in the academic and private hospital setting, as well as ambulatory care environments. As a member of HKS’s Clinical Solutions & Research group, Evans is committed to evidence-based design and has contributed to several studies investigating inpatient flexibility, the safety and efficiency of same-handed rooms, the use of medical gas booms in the intensive care setting and safety in the emergency department.

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