Telescoping Door System

The groundbreaking design of the new Horton Profiler® ICU XM Telescoping Door System with smoke protection provides up to a 37% greater opening width than standard smoke-rated single slide ICU doors, making this an ideal solution when maximum access is crucial.

Specifically designed for the critical care environment of ICU rooms, these patented smoke-rated multi-function doors keep patients in full view when doors are closed and slide back quickly to the full-open position for unobstructed emergency access. The Horton telescoping technology introduces a wide range of architectural options for meeting demanding safety and aesthetic standards.

With its telescoping function and breakout capability, the Profiler ICU XM Telescoping Door can provide up to 85-11/16 inches of clear opening width in a full 12-foot system, offering industry-best accessibility for moving patient beds and medical equipment. The trackless design not only aids in sanitation but helps provide a smooth, clear path for moving equipment and a cleaner look.

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