Acoustic Privacy Walls

A fresh take on acoustic privacy screens and acoustic walls, the new EchoScreen® designs range from simple and elegant to playful and dreamy. Featuring seven designs – Hexa, Ellipse, Flow, Fifty3, Coral, Current, and Fizz – each screen is crafted to offer privacy and sound control, encouraging spaces that are visually stunning and acoustically balanced. Hexa sets sound on its side through shifting etched lines, and Ellipse’s sleek cutouts and curved edges put a pause on noise, pressing play on acoustics with style. Flow can be flipped to alternate between denser and sparser etched lines, while Fifty3 brings a touch of Palm Springs nostalgia through breeze block-inspired negative space. Coral offers a fun decorative design that can be paired with more solid panels to play with acoustic layering. Current brings the essence of ocean waves and a grounded calm to any space, while Fizz’s light and lively design plays well with youthful environments. Any screen can be installed with standard EchoScreen hardware or Kirei’s rolling track, a flexible privacy solution for dynamic spaces.