Temporary Wall System

SwiftWall® Flex temporary wall system is engineered with the healthcare industry in mind, offering an ability to adjust its height, up to 2 3/4 feet. This unique feature addresses the ever-changing dynamics of healthcare facilities during construction and renovation. Architects, designers, and healthcare planners can smoothly integrate SwiftWall® Flex’s adaptable temporary wall systems into their projects, ultimately improving efficiency and patient care.

The launch of SwiftWall® Flex Building Information Modeling (BIM) Objects aims to help provide healthcare professionals with cutting-edge tools to enhance their phased construction and renovation projects.

SwiftWall® Flex BIM Objects empower healthcare professionals to visualize and plan their spaces in ways that meet the ever-changing dynamics of an active construction site. BIM objects enable precise planning and visualization of the construction process, optimizing space design and utilization, while simultaneously ensuring that the design component of the work is executed as efficiently as possible; many times, 3x faster than the conventional design methods.