Dynamic Seating Series

Allseating’s newest dynamic seating series, Attune, collaboratively designed with the award-winning Aaron Duke and his firm, Studio Black Box, utilizes an advanced polymer that instantly adapts to the user’s body while remaining durable and exceptionally resistant to impact and flex fatigue.

Combining the characteristics of high-performance elastomers and flexible plastics, Attune’s dynamic form exudes a lightness that expresses levity, mobility, and adaptability – all in response to the demand for collaborative, highly flexible, and intuitive task seating.

Attune’s design features structured yet flexible vertical and horizontal cutouts strategically placed to reduce pressure and increase seated breathability. The connective strands within the chair intelligently open up to release tension, creating a robust support system that remains surprisingly supple. This balance of strength and flexibility allows Attune to adjust and conform to each user’s body, offering a personalized and comfortable seating experience.