John Hall

Swisslog Healthcare, a supplier of medication management solutions and transport automation, recently announced John Hall as Vice President of Pharmacy Automation Software Products for Medication Management. John will be responsible for overseeing the Pharmacy Automation Software Products team in North America which collaborates globally to develop software for Swisslog Healthcare’s Ararat Product line and the next-generation BoxPicker.

“There is no better deputy for our North American team than John Hall,” said Cristian Fanucci, Head of Engineering and Development at Swisslog Healthcare. “John will share his subject matter expertise and passion for Swisslog Healthcare to steer our Medication Management engineering efforts forward.”

In his new role, John will also work alongside Pharmacy Managers and improve processes that will allow medication management and software products to be deployed and supported more efficiently.

John has been with Swisslog Healthcare since 2019, previously serving as a Senior Engineer and most recently Director of Software Applications. John has led several key initiatives during his time at Swisslog Healthcare. He implemented a 24/7 support program for customers with questions about products and is responsible for the design and implementation of UI-Microservices. John also oversees Swisslog Healthcare’s branded UI-Component Sets, a technology that is now used in all of the organization’s new products.