Cylindrical Baffles

The Tessellate Baffle (pictured) and Tessellate Pendant are innovative new cylindrical baffles. The Tessellate Baffle hangs horizontally to diffuse sound and create a striking ceiling design, while the Tessellate Pendant hangs vertically like a pendant lamp to easily integrate acoustics with lighting, HVACs, and other ceiling products.

Tessellate Baffle and Pendant are assembled by hand and feature patent-pending designs composed of triangular planes. This unique triangulation of PET diffuses and dampens sound waves for superior acoustic control while making a statement in any space.

The Tessellate Baffle and Pendant are handcrafted from Class A Fire Rated 12mm PET felt panels made from 60% post-consumer recycled PET with numerous environmental certifications, including Declare Label (Red List Free), HPD, and Low-VOC to help projects easily earn LEED and WELL credits. Each panel of the PET felt recycles over 200 plastic water bottles to keep plastic waste out of our waterways and landfills.

The Tessellate Baffle and Pendant can also be custom printed with Kirei Ink, Kirei’s latest custom design printing service. Additionally, as with all Kirei products, when designers specify Kirei’s Tessellate Baffle or Pendant, they can utilize Carnegie’s Design Services, a complimentary support service with an in-house team of design professionals to help make their acoustic design dreams come true.