Indoor Lighting System

The NatureConnect lighting system, from Signify’s Ledalite brand, brings the benefits of natural light indoors. Built on proven Biophilic Design principles, NatureConnect combines multiple LED luminaires with intuitive lighting controls, enabling users to create an immersive experience that is fully tailored to their needs. The solution simulates a 24-hour daylight cycle, supporting building occupants’ natural day-night, or circadian, rhythm and creating healthy, attractive and inspiring indoor environments.

These LED luminaires include:

  • Daylight – A panel that replicates the rhythm of the sun to keep you feeling active during the day and restful at night.
  • Skylight – An artificial skylight that offers a more spacious, natural feeling.
  • Lightscape – A wall washer that casts natural colors and dynamics.

The solution also uses content and algorithms from nature to:

  • Give occupants an instant energy boost.
  • Support relaxation and the clearing of one’s mind.
  • Help users concentrate and focus.

Each luminaire can be specified to fit any design or space; it is particularly powerful where access to natural light is limited.

NatureConnect supports a variety of application areas in healthcare facilities, including nursing stations, patient rooms, hallways and waiting areas.