Construction Tire

Mitas expands its GRIP’N’RIDE construction tire range with a new, larger size tire for wheeled and backhoe loaders. The new 21L – 24 IND tire is designed for improved performance even on softer terrain and features strengthened sidewalls for greater durability when handling increased load capacity, a special tread pattern that delivers increased grip, and self-cleaning properties.

The new GRIP’N’RIDE construction tire is larger than the existing 19.5L – 24 IND tire and delivers almost 1,000 kilograms greater load capacity when stationary, and 400 kilograms greater load capacity at a speed of 40 kilometers per hour. When compared to other construction tires, both GRIP’N’RIDE tires in this range have a reduced height to width ratio and corresponding profile number.

Marcello Mantovani, Product Manager for Construction tires at Trelleborg Wheel Systems, says: “Initial production of this new tire will serve the extensive North American market, where it is in high demand. This is due to the high number of backhoe loaders in use, which require wider tires and greater load capacities. Shortly thereafter, we will roll out the new 21L – 24 IND tire for customers globally.”

Backhoe loaders have a front shovel for earth moving and a hydraulic arm with a backhoe in the rear. This makes them universal machines on many construction sites, especially road and path construction. The entire GRIP’N’RIDE range are designed specifically for the rear axles of construction machines.