Patient Bathroom Pods

SurePods recently started manufacturing and delivering prefabricated patient bathroom pods to SCL Health’s new Lutheran Medical Center in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. The latest addition has been designed as the “hospital of the future” and serve updated replacement for the current Lutheran Medical Center.

SurePods and SCL Health created a basis of design to be repeated across 187 manufactured patient bathrooms at the Lutheran Medical Center. Using prefabricated bathrooms for healthcare facilities has a tremendous impact on staff and patients, read more about the benefits here: Standardizing Healthcare Bathrooms with Prefabricated Pods.

For this healthcare project, SurePods manufactured its first walkable ceilings for all 187 patient bathrooms. Walkable ceilings will provide numerous benefits for the new hospital, such as providing a safe and easy access point for maintenance and during construction (Clean Room Technology). Ceiling insulation was also added to reduce noise and minimize disruption to future patients and facility operations.

SurePods started bathroom pod delivery to the new Lutheran Medical Center last month and anticipates completing production and installation by this fall.