Customizable Graphic Lighting

BalancedCare by Axis Lighting is launching the Tranquility Series that integrates a library of high-resolution proprietary photography and designer graphic patterns with BalancedCare sconces and Axis Lighting luminaires. Designers can choose graphics that adapt to 3D luminaires, are customizable and can even elevate branding. A combination of inspiring images, textured graphics, and custom colors and finishes focus on patient relaxation, stress reduction and opportunities for ‘positive distractions’ – all scalable up to 20 x 20 feet designs without losing resolution integrity.

“We are bringing the outdoors in and connecting patients with familiar elements to create a sense of calm while reducing patient stress,” commented Colette Fleming, BalancedCare director of healthcare. “The biophilic designs have a positive impact on a patient’s state of mind with customization that enables design freedom. The 165 proprietary images and graphics allow our customers to build unique, fully customizable environments.”

The Tranquility Series offers a variety of luminaire options, in-ceiling and wall-mount configurations, to support varying needs of any environment. Multiple options and configurations offer flexibility in design, aesthetic appeal, and a refreshing alternative to the norm. Graphics for most configurations are printed on the inside lens surface to protect it from cleaning solutions and scratches.

Axis Lighting