McMahon Designs New Wisconsin Clinic

By HCO News Staff

APPLETON, Wis.—McMahon, a full-service, professional engineering and architectural firm, is the designer of Appleton’s new Neuroscience Group location on West Calumet Street in Appleton. The clinic was designed in an existing office building, previously occupied by an insurance company, and features both clinical areas for patients as well office space for staff.

The clinical areas, which opened to patients in January 2022, include a physical therapy gym and track, private treatment rooms and infusion rooms. The building has a serene forest theme throughout to help patients find peace of mind during their appointments.

“We’re really proud of this building because we were able to reconfigure an existing space and make it exactly what Neuroscience Group needed to serve its patients efficiently and effectively,” said Derek Gruber, AIA, architect for McMahon. “When done correctly, reconfiguring an existing building can provide all of the same benefits as a new structure, and it is a more sustainable option.”

McMahon was the architectural, mechanical, electrical, HVAC, plumbing and fire protection designer for the new facility. Existing electrical, HVAC and plumbing was modified to accommodate the new building layout.

Neuroscience Group celebrated 30 years in business in 2021; services offered at this location include physical therapy, speech therapy, neurology, a concussion clinic and a multiple sclerosis clinic.

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