Innovative Revolving Door

The Horton Series 9900 EasyFlow® Revolving Door features an innovative Power-Assisted Home Positioning System known as RTQP (Return-to-Quarter-Point). The EasyFlow 9900 Revolver is a unique manual door with the intelligence to return to the sealed, “home” position after every use, creating an air lock that minimizes air infiltration and maximizes energy savings.

As pedestrians approach the door, a gentle push of the wing sets the door in motion, allowing passage to or from the building. Then it continues to rotate automatically with RTQP Power Assist until the home position is reached. The EasyFlow with RTQP creates an air lock that optimizes the building’s air flow with every turn. It’s a door system that is always open with negligible air lost, yet always closed for minimal air infiltration.

An MIT study concluded that revolving doors can result in energy savings of up to 74% when compared to alternative entrance solutions. The EasyFlow Series 9900 takes it a step further by ensuring an optimal, sealed air lock to minimize air exchange and HVAC losses.