Sunnyvale Women’s Center Launches in Texas

By HCO Staff

SUNNYVALE, Texas—GenesisCare—one of the leading oncology providers in the United States, Australia, Spain, and the United Kingdom—today announced the opening of its new Sunnyvale Women’s Center with patient-friendly facilities and an experienced clinical team to this new site to provide Dallas-area residents with end-to-end, multidisciplinary breast healthcare. The comprehensive patient-centered services available include mammography, diagnosis, treatment, and post-treatment follow-up. Patients will have rapid access to advanced and innovative technologies that deliver unprecedented accuracy, faster treatment sessions, and a reduced risk of side effects.

On average, one-in-eight American women (13%) will develop breast cancer in their lifetime. In 2022, we will see approximately 287,8502 new cases of invasive breast cancer, along with 51,400 new non-invasive (in situ) breast cancer. The American Cancer Society ranked Texas as the second state in the nation for having the highest number of cases per capita, with an estimated 20,900 new cases of female breast cancer with 3,420 deaths in 2021.

“The Sunnyvale Women’s Center allows us to meet the need for effective, targeted diagnosis and treatment with easy, local access,” shares Dr. Anita Tharian, DO, GenesisCare Medical Oncologist. “Bridging gaps in care is especially important as regular women’s screening and care being disrupted by COVID across the Dallas area.”

Dr. Tharian adds, “Offering access to advanced precision medicine, like DCISionRT, has proven to help patients and doctors make informed decisions about their care. Combined with other leading technologies like AlignRT, we are also able to lower the risk of heart damage in radiation treatment for breast cancer.”

The women’s center’s world-leading diagnostic tools and treatments use various advanced technologies to streamline the process and deliver patients’ best possible life outcomes.