Speaker Adapter with Talk-Back

Viking Electronics’ new PSA-TB-IP analog to IP speaker adapter enables the re-use of analog speakers while adding talk-back capabilities.

The PSA-TB-IP is equipped with a microphone to enable talk-back paging and silent monitoring of the area. It also monitors ambient noise levels to automatically adjust speaker volume. The built-in 6-Watt class D amplifier can be used to drive a connected paging speaker.

Easily mount the PSA-TB-IP magnetically to the back of an analog speaker magnet or use the included screws to attach the unit to the speaker frame using the 25/70V transformer mounting holes. Connect the speaker output of PSA-TB-IP to the input of the paging speaker. Then connect the PSA-TB-IP to an open port on a PoE switch and use Viking’s IP Programming software to enter SIP and network credentials.

After the quick conversion, the speaker can then be used for two-way SIP endpoint paging or one-way multicast paging.

Viking Electronics