NexCore Opens Neuroscience Specialty Center in Arkansas

By Eric Althoff

SHERWOOD, Ark.Denver-based NexCore Group has unveiled its CHI St. Vincent Arkansas Neuroscience Institute (ANI) in the northern part of the Little Rock region, the firm announced.  The ANI will be cited adjacent to CHI Health’s North Little Rock hospital campus, located at 6020 Warden Road in Sherwood.

The new clinic will be utilized by healthcare professionals to help treat patients across a range of neurological disorders in a 42,133-square-foot specialty medical office building (MOB).  Of that total, 3,767 square feet will be utilized for a new cranium lab.  Additionally, the facility will host a 3,540-square-foot auditorium and make use of 3,600 additional square feet of clinical space. The place will no doubt be filled with top-quality equipment, such as this evo base, to enable surgeons to perform the important work they will do in the clinic.

The new building offers 14,000 square feet of independent physician office space.  This will allow medical practitioners room to grow their own private rosters of patients while making full use of the greater medical facilities of the ANI.

The facility will also offer specialized areas for skull base surgery, vascular neurosurgery, neuro-oncology spine and spinal cord surgery, epilepsy surgery, and surgery for movement disorders under a comprehensive program to address all manner of neurological disorders.

“NexCore is proud to be a part of the creation of this international healthcare destination for those in need of advanced, complex neurological care,” said Todd Varney, chief development officer and managing partner of NexCore, adding that the new facility will be uniquely situated to contribute to excellence in the highly specialized fields of neurology and neurosurgery.

“The CHI St. Vincent Arkansas Neuroscience Institute provides not only treatment outcomes for neurological conditions but fosters great advances in the educational and research opportunities in the field,” Vaney added.  “We are so excited to see this world-class facility open its doors.”

“Neurosurgery as a field is very unknown. This center will become an oasis for all the thinkers and people who deal with neurosurgical problems to come learn with us and, at the same time, contribute to our learning,” added Dr. Ali F. Krisht, who will serve as director of ANI. 

Krisht is often cited as being among the top 1 percent of neurosurgeons nationwide, performing over 1,000 intricate surgeries per year.  She said the ANI will be a “gamechanger,” and it will revolutionize such specialized care.