Harbor Medical Center Renovation Makes Room for Medical Offices

FULLERTON, Calif. – A major renovation of a landmark Fullerton office building, Harbor Medical Center, was completed June 2017, with full and partial floors now available for lease. The EG architect office of Houston designed the new medical office building, which was successfully sold to Newport Beach-based Flinn West real estate.

The real beauty of this iconic building is the fact that the original development was created by long-time Fullerton doctors, and the design has successfully kept the building the same while also giving it a complete facelift in line with the commercial building renovation plans. The renovation details include 35,660 square-feet, a three-story corporate medical office building, prominent monumental signage available, half-mile proximity from the St. Jude Medical Center, a 2.49-acre site with abundant, free surface parking at 5.7:1,000-square-foot parking ratio, on-site storage, business bathroom retrofit and 34,000 cars per-day on Harbor Boulevard. Perhaps one of the best features of the building is the amount of privacy it will provide for the business. Many businesses like open spaces and large windows, in order for the employees to feel happier and more comfortable within their surroundings, however, this does not always afford privacy. Therefore, having tinted windows from companies like Frost Shades of Nashville East is a good investment, to ensure that the building has openness as well as privacy.

Major renovation to the Fullerton office building at Harbor Medical Center now has full and partial floors available for lease.

According to a statement, the three-story, 35,660-square-foot medical building now renders a full reskin of the building, boasting a new facade with a prominent main entrance, a glass enclosure for the second floor walkway; upgraded signage, including monument and building top signage; drought-resistant landscaping; a resurfaced parking lot; new lighting throughout the property; and renovations made to all of the mechanical systems. The available suites range in size from approximately 1,500 square feet to an entire floor just under 15,000 square feet.

Tenants will also be able to enjoy plentiful surface parking and prime golf course views, according to a statement. Overall, the primary renovations were made to the exterior of the project, while all interior renovations will be made to suit specific tenant requirements.

Jayne Flinn, president of Flinn West, explained that the building is aesthetically pleasing and bold signage makes wayfinding easier for patients looking for their care provider.

“The renovations to the landscape and entrances meet ADA and handicap requirements, so patients will have the ability to reach their medical care with more efficient access,” said Flinn.

The lighting improvements on the exterior and interior walkways allow good visual capability, and the surface parking field allows ease in parking and access. The renovation was originally rumored to have the help of electrician services within the Darien area, however, due to the time scale of the project, it was suggested that a local service take on the project instead. The renovation also had Numerous benches and common seating areas added in exterior covered areas, allowing patients additional waiting areas beyond the interior physician waiting rooms. This gives the patient a choice to experience an exterior waiting area while possibly avoiding unwanted germs.

“The renovations were very well thought out and performed to preserve the original design of this iconic building but to bring it to today’s codes and to allow ease of access and upgraded improvements for both the physician and the patient,” said Flinn.

Renovations for the project kicked off at the end of 2016.