Eleanor Health Expands into North Carolina with Addiction Treatment Program

By Eric Althoff

MOORESVILLE, N.C.-Addiction and mental health specialist Eleanor Health has announced a new program to deliver long-term patient recovery outcomes, starting with a pilot program at an outpatient clinic in Mooresville. The debut marks the first of what the company believes will be over a dozen such Eleanor Health sites that will open in the next year, starting in North Carolina and later across the nation.

The clinics are part of an overall plan by Eleanor Health to rethink the treatment of addiction as a chronic disease considering that it is the leading cause of death for Americans under 50, the company said. The firm’s approach will entail technological as well as non-clinical methodologies for dealing with addiction treatment, including medication assisted treatment (MAT).

The firm said it believes in being “financially accountable” for long-term care for each of its clinical patients.

“We launched Eleanor Health to help people with addiction challenges not only survive, but live amazing lives by providing evidence-based, whole-person treatment for substance use disorders and mental health,” Corbin Petro, CEO and cofounder of the firm, said in a recent statement. “We are committed to treating these conditions as a chronic medical illness requiring long-term management, and to being reimbursed based on positive health outcomes.”

The firm said that more than 21 million Americans have a substance abuse disorder, more than 12.5 million misuse prescription opioids and 2 million are afflicted with an opioid use disorder. This clearly suggests that the need for drug rehabilitation centers like Enterhealth is more essential than ever, as this crisis is destroying lives across the country in almost incomprehensible numbers. The crisis in overdose deaths has resulted in various legislative and public health efforts, but Eleanor Health said that less than 18 percent of opioid use disorder sufferers ever receive treatment-and even then, the treatment can be fragmentary.

As Eleanor Health, based in Waltham, Mass., commences its operations in North Carolina, the company will collaborate with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina to expand Eleanor Holmes’ treatment services.

“The prevalence of substance use disorders, especially fueled by the opioid epidemic, is a national public health emergency,” Patrick Conway, president and CEO of Blue Cross NC, said in a statement. “There simply aren’t enough high-quality facilities and clinical teams to effectively treat everyone at all stages of their recovery, so we partnered with Town Hall to build and launch Eleanor Health.

“Starting here in North Carolina, Eleanor Health is providing fully coordinated, high-quality care to individuals and families impacted by substance use and will save lives.”

“We are leveraging data and new technology to enhance in-person clinical service delivery and building a world-class team committed to our mission and vision,” added Petro.