Antimicrobial Mats

HOSPECO, a manufacturer and seller of cleaning and protection products, introduces Health Gards — antimicrobial mats for the restroom. These grippy, self-drying floor mats inhibit bacteria from growing and spreading, minimize odor, protect floors and decrease the risk of slip-and-fall accidents near urinals, toilets, sinks, and hand dryers. The top layer is a tufted, woven blend of antimicrobial polypropylene fiber and velour. This fiber mat is set upon a Sure Blend natural rubber backing that keeps the mats firmly in place. The non-absorbing fibers in Health Gards disperse fluid for quick air drying as active antimicrobials in each fiber attack odor-causing bacteria. The disposable mats last approximately one month and come in three sizes: Premium Urinal Mat (17 by 20.25 inches), Commode Mat (27 by 25 inches), and a Sink Mat (10.75 by 23.5 inches).


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