ISS Insulation Assists in SSM Health St. Joseph Hospital West Expansion

By Nick Eaton

LAKE ST. LOUIS, Mo. — SSM Health St. Joseph Hospital West, located in Lake St. Louis, was established in 1986 to meet the expanding health care needs of western St. Charles County, Mo. As the Lake St. Louis area grew and residents from surrounding counties began using the hospital’s services, SSM Health St. Joseph Hospital knew an expansion was necessary. The newest facility, which is scheduled for completion by fall of 2017, includes a 73,500-square-foot vertical patient tower with additional beds, expanded parking, diagnostic outpatient testing center and acute care services.

During St. Joseph’s multi-phase expansion and renovation project, ISS Insulation Services & Solutions was tasked with insulating various mechanical systems throughout the new campus wing.

The new facility will benefit from a professionally installed mechanical insulation system covering many important pipes and ducts within the facility.
Photo Credit: ISS Insulation Services & Solutions

Because the hospital was in operation throughout the duration of this project, ISS strategically phased the work to ensure the health and safety of patients, families and staff while minimizing disruptions to hospital functions.

In total, ISS insulated 4,600 lineal feet of chilled water piping, 7,500 lineal feet of heating hot water piping, 1,500 lineal feet of steam piping and 20,000 lineal feet of domestic water piping — all with fiberglass and an all-service jacket. ISS also insulated 50,000 square feet of supply air duct and outside air duct with fiberglass duct wrap with an FSK jacket and 1,600 square feet of kitchen exhaust ductwork with 3m-615+ fire wrap.

ISS applied mold-resistant AP Armaflex Sheet and Roll Insulation to the 4,600 lineal feet of chilled water piping. The flexible, elastomeric thermal insulation is furnished with a smooth skin on one side, which forms to the outer exposed insulation surface. The Armaflex insulation was applied to the gauges, valves and piping system to retard heat gain and control condensation drip from the chilled water piping systems. Additionally, the hot water piping was insulated with the fiberglass pipe covering to efficiently reduce heat flow on hot systems.

The supply and outside air ductwork was insulated with FSK duct wrap for thermal and acoustical insulation. The FSK duct wrap is made from highly resilient, inorganic glass mineral wool bounded by ECOSE Technology. Two layers of fire wrap insulation were applied to the kitchen exhaust ductwork. The 3M duct wrap fire protection system is a fire-resistant wrap consisting of an inorganic fiber blanket encapsulated with a scrim-reinforced foil. The two-layer application of 3M Fire Barrier Duct Wrap 615+ meets the criteria of ASTM E2336, a standard test method for fire resistive grease duct enclosure systems. One layer of the fire barrier wrap was used to insulate the stair pressurization duct.

Construction was required on existing parts of the hospital, which presented some challenges for ISS when working in conjunction with other trades. The phased project presented issues of congestion from each trade trying to work around each other creating obstacles for ISS to gain access to piping and ductwork.

This 10-month project deadline was met successfully by ISS due to a professional installation and thorough schedule management techniques. The new facility will benefit from a professionally installed mechanical insulation system covering many important pipes and ducts within the facility. The correct specification and installation of these products will lower utility bills, regulate the temperature of the building and decrease the chances of costly damage to the insulation over time.

Two floors of the expansion are currently open, offering medical care for families in St. Charles, Warren and Lincoln counties of Missouri. By increasing space and upgrading facilities, the Lake St. Louis hospital aims to improve both the patient and employee experience.

Nick Eaton is the general manager of ISS Insulation Services & Solutions, a full-service mechanical insulation contractor specializing in both commercial and industrial projects. For more information, contact or visit

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