Office Depot Earns Energy Star Leader Status

BOCA RATON, Fla. — Office Depot, a provider of office supplies and services, was named an Energy Star Leader for reducing its energy consumption by 27.5 percent across its building portfolio.
The Energy Star Leaders program, administered by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, recognizes organizations that perform in the top 25 percent of energy efficiency nationwide by improving energy efficiency across all of its facilities in a portfolio.
Office Depot’s energy reduction across 1,123 sites was achieved through projects like upgrading energy management systems, retrofitting lighting from HID to T5 and reducing the number of lamps from three to two per store ballast.
The company also installed LED exit signs and upgrading its HVAC systems throughout its facilities nationwide.
Additional energy saving measures include installation of motion detectors in receiving areas and bathrooms, Energy Star-qualified equipment and solar panels and skylights in some stores.
The supply store chain committed to Energy Star certification for its 185 eligible sites and to tracking improvements in energy efficiency using the agency’s online energy measurement and tracking tool.
The efforts are part of the company’s mission to reduce its carbon footprint in North America by 25 percent to below 300,000 MtCO2e by the end of 2012.
Office Depot has also built and remodeled several facilities for LEED certification, including its LEED Gold global headquarters building in Florida and a LEED Gold retail store in Austin.
In early 2010, Office Depot announced plans to only open LEED for Commercial Interior certified stores going forward. It has opened 15 locations since the announcement, according to company officials.

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