EMR Cart

Ergotron’s redesigned StyleView EMR cart portfolio is made to balance caregiver requirements for ease of use and increased productivity for hospital administrations’ IT investment security concerns. The cart comes with a new slide-to-open feature which provides caregivers easier access to CPU or laptop power buttons during shut-down situations. It also includes a three-piece interlocking work surface, offering protection against accidental spills according to the company.

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Mini Data Logger

The DeltaTrak FlashLink Mini Data Logger is designed as a management tool for monitoring temperature sensitive and perishable commodities as they travel from produce and prepared foods, to chemicals and pharmaceuticals, ensuring the safety and quality of products. The compact single-use device provides temperature history information ranging from -40 degrees up to 66 Celsius while its patented Shadow Log feature guarantees that data is available even if the unit is not activated.

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Video Intercom

Aiphone introduces the JK series, a line of PTZ color-video intercom systems. The product line offers nearly twice the viewing width as conventional video intercoms and uses a digitally processed fish-eye camera lens to provide distortion-free video, according to the company. Cameras can be preset to display a specified entrance area. Intercom systems feature a 3.5-inch direct-view monitor.

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IP Video Camera

The VCC-XZ600 series weatherproof day/night IP video camera by Sanyo Security Systems, offers a 1/4-inch high-resolution color image chip to deliver high-resolution images in JPEG and H.264 formats. The camera is designed for IP system deployment and is also compatible with conventional analog systems, according to the company. The camera has built-in image stabilization and privacy masking functions.

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Wireless Generator Monitor

The PowerCommand iWatch from Cummins Power Generation Inc. remotely monitors generator sets and transmits the data through cellular or satellite networks. The system allows users to access operational data using a personal computer and Internet connection, e-mail or text messages on a cell phone. Alarm conditions are also sent through any of the three media.

Users can start, stop or check the status of the on-site power supply anywhere where there is an Internet connection or receive alarm notifications where cell phone or pagers work.

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UPS System

The Active Power flywheel-based Clean Source 300 UPS system is seven times less likely to fail during a short power outage compared to a conventional, double-conversion UPS system with batteries, according to Active Power. The system provides enough power to ride through transients, while allowing time to bridge to a generator; has up to 98 percent energy efficiency; 130-1300kVA systems; and is a multi-megawatt turnkey solution.

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Cable system

Crest Healthcare Supply’s CableSaver is an adapter and cable system that is designed to help protect wall stations and bed communication cables. Its adapter utilizes a 36-contact Centronix connector. When pulled, the unit breaks away at the adapter, which protects both the cable and wall station from damage.

The product features dual connectors on the adapter to provide cross compatibility with 37-pin cable, allowing facilities to phase in the CableSaver over time. It is available for most major brands of healthcare beds.

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Cable System

Crest Healthcare Company’s CableSaver is an adapter and cable system that utilizes a 36-contact and protects wall stations and bed communication cables Centronix connector. When pulled, it breaks away at the adapter, which protects the cable and wall station from damage.

The product features dual connectors on the adaptor to provide cross-compatibility with 37-pin cables, allowing facilities to phase in the new product over time. It is available for most brands of healthcare beds and comes with an insertion guide to ensure the cable is plugged in correctly.

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