How Beebe Healthcare Automated Curtain Changeout Made Compliance A Breeze

By Tasha Hughes

Beebe Healthcare, the largest employer in Sussex County, Del., serves the community with a comprehensive array of medical services ranging from walk-in clinics to specialized care in cardiology, oncology, and orthopedics. With a rich legacy dating back to 1916, Beebe Healthcare boasts a 210-bed facility in Lewes that consistently ranks in the top 5% for patient satisfaction nationwide.

A caregiver uses The Grabber tool to remove the hookless disposable curtains in seconds.

Driving their commitment to superior patient outcomes, Beebe Healthcare made a pivotal shift from traditional fabric curtains to innovative disposable curtains featuring cutting-edge hookless-ring technology and integrated QR codes. These QR codes, seamlessly incorporated into each curtain panel, synchronize effortlessly with the Changeout Curtain Tracker app to facilitate efficient and cost-effective compliance monitoring.

Curtain Transformation Catalyst

Iris Verdi, Director of Environmental Services at Beebe Healthcare, championed the transition to disposable curtains based on her extensive experience retrofitting seven hospitals with the revolutionary curtain system. Verdi’s endorsement of the disposable curtain system, which she has faithfully supported for 14 years, underscores its simplicity and sustainability. “I was an early adopter of On the Right Track’s disposable curtain solution and have remained loyal ever since,” Verdi affirms.

Before the switch, Beebe used traditional fabric curtains that required ladders to change out every curtain. The process often resulted in missing or broken hooks, leading to an unkempt and unprofessional look. The laundering process was also a hassle, with the hospital having its own washers and dryers that resulted in messy-looking, wrinkled curtains. Switching to the disposable curtains eliminated these problems.

Operational Excellence and Patient-Centric Care

The shift from cumbersome fabric curtains requiring manual handling to disposable curtains that can be swapped out within minutes has unleashed a new wave of operational efficiency at Beebe Healthcare. This streamlined process liberates caregivers and staff to concentrate on patient outcomes, ultimately enhancing experience and service quality. Moreover, the aesthetic appeal of disposable curtains fosters a welcoming ambiance that contributes significantly to patient satisfaction and comfort.

Hookless tracking retrofits easily over any existing track with little more than a couple screws and no interruption to patient flow.

Innovative Infection Control Measures

Disposable curtains emerge as a stalwart ally in infection control, playing a pivotal role in curbing hospital-acquired infections (HAIs). Unlike their fabric counterparts that can harbor pathogens, disposable curtains offer a hygienic shield with their single-use design and QR code-enabled changeout tracking. By eliminating the need for laundering and enhancing clarity on curtain replacement frequency, these curtains fortify infection prevention protocols and bolster overall health and safety within healthcare settings.

Seamless Compliance Tracking

Central to the success of the curtain changeout initiative is the Changeout Curtain Tracker app, which revolutionizes compliance monitoring. Verdi underscores the app’s transformative impact, streamlining tracking through real-time synchronization on a user-friendly cloud interface. Customized alerts, scheduled reminders, and tailored reports equipped with built-in filters elevate compliance management to unprecedented levels of efficiency and transparency.

Compliance is as easy as scanning a QR code.

Sustainability and Return on Investment

Verdi highlights the ecological edge of the disposable curtain system, emphasizing its recyclability and water-saving attributes, making it a frontrunner in sustainability practices. As a cost-effective alternative to traditional fabric curtains, disposable curtains offer a compelling return on investment by significantly reducing maintenance expenses while upholding stringent infection control standards. According to the findings outlined in the white paper entitled Materiality Matters: Evidence-based research is clear; it is past time for health systems to re-evaluate the cubicle curtain, the initial cost per bed for disposable curtains is notably lower than that of fabric curtains. This cost-effectiveness is attributed to the elimination of expenses associated with curtain maintenance, including laundering and repairs. This affordability coupled with enhanced operational efficiency positions disposable curtains as a strategic choice for healthcare facilities aiming to optimize resource allocation and elevate patient care standards holistically.

Embracing Innovation

Beebe Healthcare’s pioneering journey towards efficient curtain changeout compliance embodies a paradigm shift in healthcare facility management. By seamlessly integrating technology, sustainability, and operational excellence, Beebe Healthcare sets a new standard in patient-centered care and infection control best practices. To delve deeper into Beebe Healthcare’s transformational narrative, access the comprehensive case study here.

Photo Credit (all): Beebe Healthcare

Tasha Hughes is the Senior Creative Producer, Principal and Owner, Creative Gold.