Soft Locker Room System

The old employee locker room – of unsanitary metal, wood or plastic lockers, shifting benches, musty odors, and random, personal padlocks – is now a thing of the past thanks to a revolutionary smart storage solution called Zippsafe.

One- or two-tier metal lockers are unwieldy, inefficient and prone to pathogens. Zippsafe replaces these bulky boxes with a series of soft textile bags that flex and expand to hold more and bulkier items. Retractable hangers and side pockets neatly organize belongings. With two interior compartments in each bag and a separate shoe drawer at the bottom, clean and dirty items are easy to segregate.

Zippsafe’s user-friendly features come in a smaller footprint. The locker system includes an integrated bench for space savings of 10 percent versus two-tier lockers with a free-standing bench and 70 percent versus one-tier units. With its clean, modern aesthetic, Zippsafe also elevates the overall appeal of the locker room, making it a much more welcoming place for employees.

Unlike traditional lockers which use combinations or physical locks and keys that have to be allocated and tracked by managers, access to the Zippsafe system is as quick and simple as a tap from a supplied radio frequency identification (RFID) card. For even greater convenience and control, there is an optional software integration with employee ID badge systems. Available lockers are easily identified and assigned online – within seconds – via the ZippManager software interface.

The Zippsafe smart locker system began in Europe in 2016 and is currently in use in a variety of healthcare settings, office buildings and other spaces; it just launched in the U.S.