Space-Efficient Dishwasher

Auto-Chlor System® presents the innovative AC TALL Space Maker Dish Machine, a key player in its advanced dishwashing technology range. Boasting a compact footprint of just 22” x 24” (occupying a mere 2.24 square feet), this dishwasher is designed to save 75% more space compared to conventional dish machines. This space efficiency makes it an optimal choice for environments with limited space but a high demand for efficient dishwashing.

What sets the AC TALL Space Maker apart is its unique open front-loading door and a taller build, enhancing its internal capacity without the need for extra floor space.

The AC TALL Space Maker Dish Machine, a standout in Auto-Chlor’s innovative dishwashing lineup, excels with its versatile wash cycle options. It features a swift 90-second cycle, along with additional 60, 72, 108, and 120-second settings, catering to various cleaning needs. What truly sets it apart is Auto-Chlor’s WaterSaver technology, enabling the machine to use just 1.04 gallons of water per cycle.