Urgent Care Center in Allen Snags Texas Design Award

By HCO Staff

ALLEN, Texas—The architects of Intuitive Health’s flagship brand, Legacy ER & Urgent Care – Allen, 5G Studio Collaborative, announced recently they were recognized by The Dallas Architecture Forum as the recipient of the Best Health and Wellness Architecture Award as part of their 25th Anniversary Design Recognition program, themed “Looking Back – Looking Forward.”

The Dallas Architecture Forum’s 25th-anniversary celebration acknowledged the 25 most meaningful and influential architecture projects across North Texas over the past 25 years. An international jury of esteemed architects carefully evaluated submissions and selected 25 winners in various categories, including healthcare architecture. The Dallas Architecture Forum’s commitment to an impartial evaluation was evident, with none of the jurists hailing from North Texas, thus ensuring a fair and unbiased selection process.

Legacy ER & Urgent Care, known for its innovative approach to healthcare, created the first dual ER and urgent care model under one roof in Texas. The 8,500-square-foot state-of-the-art location in Allen, Texas, was the second location for Legacy ER & Urgent Care and was built from the ground up to support this visionary concept. The architect and interior designer for the Allen location was 5G Studio Collaborative, led by Yen Ong, FAIA. The facility opened in 2013 and is located at 1310 West Exchange Parkway, Allen, Texas, 75013.

Designed to embody the essence of Legacy ER & Urgent Care, the architecture was crafted to convey the dual nature of emergency medical professionals artistically. On one hand, it outwardly signifies attributes such as knowledge, skill, precision and decisiveness, essential for proficient emergency medical care. On the other hand, it inwardly reflects the compassionate, empathetic and humanistic qualities that define the individuals behind the medical attire.

The building’s profile reimagines traditional rooflines, introducing a new design language. Perforated panels on the exterior provide diffused lighting and passive solar shading. With a strong nod to environmentally conscious design, zinc was chosen for its sustainability and resilience in Texas weather.

The architecture skillfully incorporated Evidence-Based Design principles into its spatial layout, circulation and sensory elements while maintaining a balance to avoid an overly clinical appearance. Strategically positioned skylights facilitated intuitive wayfinding throughout the facility. Workspaces were thoughtfully designed to encourage peer collaboration, ensure patient accessibility and protect data privacy. Patient care areas were created with a focus on welcoming hospitality and treatment efficiency to minimize medication administration errors. Additionally, the well-being of medical staff in their off-stage environment was a priority. The staff lounge and office areas are connected by a sunlit double-height space, offering access to a balcony discreetly nestled under the zinc roof.

“We are humbled by The Dallas Architecture Forum’s recognition of Legacy ER & Urgent Care at Allen as one of twenty-five most significant projects in North Texas that were built within the past 25 years,” said Ong. “The project embodies our studio’s best ideals and represents the rarest kind of architectural achievement that was enabled by a forward-thinking client like Dr. Woody, who empowered an architect to do the right thing in service of the patients and the staff alike.”

Jay Woody, MD, FACEP, ABEM, Founder of Legacy ER & Urgent Care and Chief Medical Officer of Intuitive Health, reminisced about their early collaboration with 5G Studio Collaborative, stating, “At the time we brought 5G Studio Collaborative on board, both our companies were in their infancy. We ventured into this partnership together, and our brands have seen extraordinary ten-fold growth.” He added, “Just as Legacy ER & Urgent Care redefines how people access healthcare, 5G Studio Collaborative has redefined healthcare architecture, enhancing the patient experience while remaining true to our core values and mission. We extend our heartfelt thanks to 5G and Yen Ong for their partnership, bringing us to where we are today.”

Architects: 5G Studio Collaborative

Architectural Team: Yen Ong, Paul Merrill, Josh Allen, Christine Robbins, Danielle Cross (interior design) Area: 8432 ft²

Year: 2013

Manufacturers: MetalTech-USA, Seves Glassblock, VIGO Industries

Interior Designer: 5G Studio Collaborative

Structural Engineer: Datum Engineers

MEP Engineer: Jordan & Skala Engineers

Civil Engineer: RLK Engineering

Landscape Architect: SMR Landscape Architects

General Contractor: UEB Builders