Rosetta Modular Seating

The Rosetta Modular Lounge Seating from Stance Behavioral Health exemplifies modern elegance and versatile design. Its robust plinth base, clad in Marmoleum™ Alloy, not only provides a contemporary aesthetic but ensures long-lasting stability in high-traffic areas. This collection offers a broad array of modules, granting exceptional versatility in creating the perfect seating arrangement.

The Rosetta features a nylon-webbed seat deck, while all fasteners are tamper-resistant, prioritizing safety. Installing and configuring the seating is easy thanks to user-friendly, heavy-duty ganging systems. The Rosetta collection includes coordinating tables with Marmoleum™ clad table surrounds and solid surface tabletops, seamlessly integrating functionality into the design.

For added customization, options like a custom plinth base, contrasting fabrics, and moisture barriers are available. The steel bottom plate safeguards the base from damage, and tamper-resistant, non-removable glides ensure stability. With its adaptable features and commitment to safety, the Rosetta collection is an ideal choice for spaces that demand comfort and resilience.

Stance Behavioral Health