Sink with Eye/Face Wash

Haws Corporation announces the release of their new isolated, turnkey Hand Wash Sink with AXION Eye/Face Wash designed for superior worksite hygiene, safety, and ANSI/Joint Commission compliance. The Hand Wash Sink with AXION Eye/Face Wash (7660 Hand Wash Sink) is a space-saving solution for areas where the eyes or face may be exposed to hazardous materials—and hand washing hygiene is of critical importance.

Haws intentionally designed the Hand Wash Sink with AXION Eye/Face Wash to provide a high-quality safety solution that is easy to install and fits in locations with spatial limitations. The wall-mounted, barrier-free design combines durability and ease-of-maintenance without sacrificing day-to-day hygienic and emergency functionality in worksites such as medical isolation rooms and sterilization areas.

Integrated with Haws AXION eye/face wash, the Hand Wash Sink offers the only eye/face wash system with inverted streams as well as simultaneous, non-injurious controlled flow. This results in effective, medically superior injury reduction that addresses the victim’s comfort while successfully sweeping contaminants away from the interior of the eye for a full 15-minutes. When activated, the water is fully contained in the basin, which is available in two widths: 24 and 30 inches.

The Hand Wash Sink is sensor operated, creating a more hygienic environment. The design simplifies usage with single water supply, single outlet power installation, and a battery backup option. The Hand Wash Sink with Eye/Face Wash is OSHA, ANSI and ADA compliant. In addition, it satisfies Joint Commission requirements in rooms where both a clean handwash sink and an eyewash are required.

Haws Corporation