DC Therapy and Performance Center Debuts in Historic Space

By HCO Staff

WASHINGTON D.C.—EL Studio, an international, award-winning architecture and design firm rooted in research and client advocacy, is unveiling imagery of one of their latest projects—Momentous Sports Medicine, a physical therapy and sports performance practice that blends elements of medical office, gym and spa.

Located in Blagden Alley, a historic alleyway in Northwest Washington, D.C.’s thriving Shaw neighborhood, Momentous Sports Medicine is rooted in ‘The Momentous Dynamic,’ a comprehensive assessment of the patient’s functional movement from head to toe to detect dysfunctional movement patterns and determine what is necessary to optimize the body’s performance. Inspired by this dynamic, the design evolved from a similarly rigorous diagrammatic analysis of the existing conditions. The space was once an alley-facing carriage house and open courtyard that has been roofed over with three skylights that maintain a connection with the sky above. EL Studio’s analysis highlighted flow, light and visibility as key issues that needed to be addressed and optimized.

Private program spaces including staff office, shower, restroom, and recovery room were compressed in a wood-panel wrapped volume placed to create separate reception and workout  zones. The workout space, outfitted with rubber and turf flooring, occupies the former courtyard.

Once obscured by the bustle of Blagden Alley’s bars, restaurants and coffee shops, the entrance now glows through the evening, its cut-metal sign band linking seamlessly to the undulating gold ceiling within and proudly announcing the presence of Momentous Sports Medicine.