Sustainable Ceiling & Wall Products

The Armstrong® Sustain® portfolio makes it easy to specify for sustainability by offering the largest collection of healthy and sustainable ceiling and wall products with both verified material transparency and low embodied carbon.

In an industry where meeting evolving sustainability goals can be an increasingly complex equation, the Sustain portfolio of ceiling and wall products makes it easy to satisfy multiple sustainability criteria with products that meet the following requirements:

  • Declare® labeling offers verified detail and transparency of ingredients
  • Free of Red List “chemicals of concern” per LBCv4.0 Red List

Health Product Declarations (HPDs)

  • Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs), including embodied carbon ratings
  • Low emissions verification with UL® Greenguard Gold® certification that meets California Department of Public Health (CDPH) low emissions standards
  • Low Embodied Carbon Solutions

The Sustain portfolio leads the industry with the broadest portfolio of ceiling and wall products with low embodied carbon, delivering solutions that minimize the environmental impact of the overall project. (Embodied carbon reduction based on EC3 baseline for ceilings.)

The Sustain portfolio offers a diverse selection of easy-to-specify mineral fiber, fiberglass, and metal ceiling panels; Tectum® wall and ceiling panels; trims and transitions; and suspension and drywall systems.