Lay-In Luminaire

A-Light recently announced the introduction of its Lean lay-in fixture. Lean transforms tiled ceilings into something more architecturally impactful, providing a sustainable solution to ambient noise reduction.

Lean is a 2’ x 2’ acoustic lay-in luminaire that becomes part of an architectural ceiling tile while increasing sound absorption across ceiling planes. A Lambertian direct distribution delivers a soft, even illumination that suppresses glare and shadows. Designers can use the multi-functional fixture to turn project tiles into dynamic designs in applications such as office spaces.

The luminaire is a direct response to challenges of a modern office refurbishment, where the removal of grid tiles creates an unfinished ceiling look. This creates reflected sound and negatively impacts acoustics. Lean lay-in tiles effectively integrate with the ceiling to improve overall noise levels.

With its wedge shape and felt-like acoustic panels available in 30 colors, Lean brings a unique design element, as well as spatial depth to traditional grid ceilings. Designers can augment a grid ceiling with an individual 2’ x 2’ fixture and play with its orientation. Lean can be also placed back-to-back, side-to-side, or in clusters of multiple fixtures, to create an impactful ceiling.