Sensor-Operated Faucet Designs

Sloan, the world’s leading manufacturer of commercial plumbing systems, has introduced its new SF-2800/2850 and SF-2900/2950 faucets, engineered to bring a higher standard of design to any restroom experience.

Sloan’s deck-mounted and sensor-operated SF-2900 and SF-2950 faucets bring a bold new standard to restroom design. The angular deck-mounted faucets provide clean geometric lines, and the simple elegance of the faucet’s form accentuates a wide range of styles—all while helping to stay on budget. The SF-2900/2950 faucets also feature an optional trim plate and easy below-deck maintenance.

The Sloan SF-2800 and SF-2850 wall-mounted faucets are designed to save space and stand apart from traditional aesthetics with uncompromising design. The sensor-operated SF-2800/2850 faucet models are developed to resonate with a variety of design concepts with a minimal, yet modern wall design.

Sloan’s new SF faucets are available with 0.35 or 0.5 gpm flow rates, as well as a multi-laminar spray type. The cost-effective faucets can be either hardwired or battery powered.