Lisa Mikals

Lisa Mikals, former National Director of Culture and Training for EVEXIAS Health Solutions, has been named Chief Operating Officer. She is a 10-year veteran of the EVEXIAS brand and has been an organizational development consultant for nearly two decades.

Mikals’ career has been dedicated to supporting startups and non-profits with organizational efficiency, culture development, and systematic processes that lead to exponential growth and profit. Her path at EVEXIAS was initially forged as Director of Operations for EVEXIAS Medical Centers. During her tenure, Mikals implemented systems and processes that supported a nearly 40% increase in revenue and 100% growth in profitability.

When EVEXIAS Health Solutions  was founded in 2018, Mikals joined the operations team, where she helped evolve the training programs for client practitioners and their staff, as well as the Practice Development Specialist role—an EVEXIAS position pivotal to the growth of the company. She has also been instrumental in curating the culture of EVEXIAS Health Solutions.