Design Stories – Asana, Nidra and Zenscape Collections of HET Sheet Flooring

Asana, Nidra and Zenscape Collections of HET Sheet Flooring

Asana, Nidra, and ZenScape make up our newest collections of heterogeneous sheet flooring. Inspired by meditative colors and patterns found throughout nature, these collections emit tranquil, therapeutic vibes with the goal of enhancing the quality of life in healing environments.

Featuring a plethora of subtle therapeutic tones and a wide variety of nature-driven designs, these collections complement one another and can easily coexist within a single space – think hospital corridors with an Asana design and patient rooms with a pattern out of the Nidra or ZenScape collection.

Asana; a posture adopted in performing hatha yoga.

The Asana collection (pictured above) features 3 designs – Allure, Hillier, and Namaste – with a total of 12 colorways. And while the designs differ in terms of pattern and inspiration, each was designed to aid in creating calm, relaxing atmospheres to improve the patient experience.

Oxana Dallas, a key member of the design team and a major catalyst in bringing these HET sheet collections to life, stressed the importance of harmony.

”The Asana collection relies on harmony,” explained Oxana. “By combining geometric shapes, the look of stone and wood, and other abstract patterns found in nature, we were able to create a collection that brings calm, meditative sensations to the forefront.”

Nidra; A meditation practice that induces a state of deep, but conscious relaxation.

Available in a total of 20 colorways and a wide spectrum of light and dark tones, the Nidra collection consists of the following designs: Brittnau Oak, Elements, and Tibetan Oak.

To further understand the intent behind the collection’s various designs, we spoke with Allison Ardire, Staff Designer, Innovation & Product Development at Armstrong Flooring.

”The designs within the Nidra collection speak to the connection between humans and their natural surroundings,” explained Allison. “At its core, this collection investigates the meditative patterns of wood lines and the calming spirit that emerges when connected to nature.”

This holds true for the entirety of the Nidra collection.

Zenscape; Emphasizing the value of meditation and intuition.

Showcasing 2 patterns – Abstra and Aurora – and 16 colorways, the Zenscape collection was meticulously designed for modern healthcare and hospitality settings. What’s really great about the Zenscape collection is how well the included designs and colorways pair with one another.

For example, a combination of Aurora in Blue Agave with Abstra in Lotus or Kava creates a serene space with ocean-like vibes. But if you pair Aurora in Gotu Kola with a perimeter or outset of Abstra in Hawthorn, you’ll be left with more of a meditative, rolling hills type of ambiance.

The design possibilities that stem from this unique collection of heterogeneous sheet flooring are plentiful. Add the Asana and Nidra collections to the mix, and possibilities are endless.