Stantec Wraps Design on San Antonio Proton Therapy Center

By HCO Staff

SAN ANTONIO, Texas—Leading global integrated design firm Stantec, recognized for its Particle Therapy Center of Excellence, has completed the design of the San Antonio Proton Therapy Center. The new 26,000-square-foot facility will provide an advanced alternative to conventional radiation treatment to nearly 500 patients annually from South and West Texas, as well as Mexico.

Proton International LLC will develop the new cancer center, which is located adjacent to The University of Texas (UT) Health San Antonio’s Greehey Campus and the Mays Cancer Center, with UT Health as the clinical partner. Unlike X-ray radiation, proton therapy uses beams of high-energy protons, or positively charged particles in atoms, to precisely target tumors while largely sparing surrounding healthy tissues and reducing side effects.

The building is characterized by a simplicity of massing and composition with an interlocking design that links indoor spaces and outdoor gardens to produce an elegant, compact building that is integrated with its natural surroundings.

The two-story, state-of-the-art cancer treatment center offers dedicated areas to welcome patients, provide clinic care and treatment, support staff, and accommodate complex equipment requirements. An expansive exterior canopy leads to the main double-height lobby flanked by healing gardens to the east and west. Accessible from the lobby, the treatment functions are laid out to promote synergy between the care team and patients in a design defined by subtle naturalistic patterns and touches of bright colors. The staff area stretches behind the main façade and connects with the adjoining patio for a place of respite.

To maximize the building’s presence on campus, the site was conceptually divided in parallel layers with the proton building at the center. Three gardens inspired by South Texas’ nature and colors will complement the expressive composition of the building. A healing garden will line the main building lobby on two sides, and a step garden with outdoor patio will add amenities adjacent to the staff lounge. The third garden will be located at the end of the treatment corridor. New trees planted on a grid will be added along three sides of the property to provide a natural backdrop and shading to the building.

“Bringing proton therapy to San Antonio will be a game changer for the region,” said Paula Williams, principal for Stantec. “Our design aims to give patients a sense of comfort and familiarity by creating a simple space and serves as a nod to Texas’ historical adobe architecture.”

Stantec is a leading global expert in the design of particle therapy centers. Recent projects designed by Stantec include the MD Anderson Proton Therapy Center in Houston, TX; New York Proton Center in New York, NY; Johns Hopkins Proton Therapy Center in Washington, DC; Emory Proton Therapy Center in Atlanta, GA; Inova Schar Institute Proton Center in Fairfax, VA; Proton International at University of Alabama at Birmingham in Birmingham, AL; South Florida Proton Therapy Institute in Delray Beach, Florida; and Hefei Heavy Ion Medical Center in Hefei, China.

A contractor on the San Antonio project has not yet been named.